Saving VS Spending – Why Is It Always Complicated

by admin .

Most bank clients have understood that spending and saving processes are quite different from one another. Usually making a decision between either spending or saving may appear a tough one. As one has already noticed, the first option excludes the second one. And it is only up to you to decide whether to get into debts by spending too much or trying to earn more and thus, leveling the financial life and leading it on top.

Financial freedom seems to be an unachievable goal and invariable willingness to buy something that is basically totally unnecessary s a blocking point towards reaching this money freedom. So once again, why is it so complicated to save and too easy to spend? Let us review the contradictions between two processes and find a solution.

1. Acting now but aiming at the future

Patience is a key word at this stage. Unfortunately, no matter how much you are longing for a quick successful outcome there are not so many chances for you to obtain it straight ahead. Process of saving takes time and much efforts, thus, it is a long term commitment that requires patience and subsistence.

Therefore for arriving at the well secured future find a motivation, and in a couple of years you will notice the result that you have been aiming at. Even most experts claim that in this case motivation is a key to a saving door.

2. Living in the moment is enjoyable but what about future?

How many people do you know who have taken responsibility of cutting expenses now and saving towards the future even if they can afford buying things at the moment? The reply will be: just a few examples. That is granted that in 10, 20 years they will be financially secured and their golden age, when they are retired, will compensate all the efforts that they had spent earlier.

Using short term loans and living in the moment without taking future into consideration is careless and if you see yourself as a financially responsible grown up, forget about instant tantalizing temptations and focus on making investments now instead of overspending and jumping into debts. It will make do no good.


So, thinking about the future, are you ready to secure it with embracing financial freedom? What are you planning to do for achieving it and what hard steps are you going to undertake? Committing your own precious time to becoming financially secure is going to be very tough as you will have to deny your wishes and make sacrifices. It is a long term promise to yourself but with astonishingly rewarding consequences. Are you up to it?